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Fall Conference – October 13-14, 2017
“We See Jesus” Relieving The Suffering of Sinful People

Ryan Austin

Dan Gordon

Kevin Humphreys

Timothy Works

Luke Austin

Randy Titus

Fall Conference – October 7-8, 2016
“We See Jesus” 

Ryan Austin

Dan Gordon

Luke Austin

Dan Gordon

Mark Clark Sr

Randy Titus

Fall Conference – October 9-10, 2015
“We See Jesus” Performing Miracles

Ryan Austin

Ed Bowen

Mark Clark Jr

Mark Clark Sr

Dan Gordon

Randy Titus

Fall Conference – October 10-11, 2014
“We See Jesus” Revealing Himself in the book of Revelation

Dan Gordon

Mark Clark Jr

Matt Rowland

Randy Titus

Ed Bowen

Mark Clark Sr

Special Meetings with Ed Bowen
March 13-16, 2014

Knowing God

Find Us Faithful

Can God-God Can

A Life That Counts

Things Lacking

Fall Conference – October 12, 2013
“We See Jesus”  In Old Testament Prophesy

Moses A Type of Christ – J. R. Bourn

The Lamb Provided – Mike Channell

Joseph A Type of Christ – Mark Clark Sr

It Is Him! – Dan Gordon


Special Meetings with Mark Clark Jr
March 15-17, 2013

Our Need of Revival

Two Redemptions

Bro. Mark’s Testimony

The War for Your Soul

The Sinful Heart

Fall Conference – October 13, 2012
“We See Jesus” In His work of Salvation

Propitiation – Timothy Works

Justification – Ryan Austin

Sanctification – Dan Gordon

Glorification – J.R. Bourn

Special Meetings with Dan Gordon
March 15-18, 2012

The Lamb that Stands in the Midst

The Difference that Jesus Makes

Bro. Dan’s Testimony

Not Just Part of the Crowd

The Prayer of Elijah

Fall Conference – October 8, 2011
“We See Jesus” as the Great I Am

I Am the Bread of Life – Ryan Austin

I Am the Root and Offspring of David – JR Bourn

I Am the Way – Dan Gordon

I Am Jesus – Randy Titus

“Watch the Lamb”  Series
by Pastor Graber

The Cross of Christ (Intro for Series)

Watch The Lamb#1

Watch The Lamb#2

Watch The Lamb#3

Watch The Lamb#4

Watch The Lamb#5

Watch The Lamb#6

Watch The Lamb#7

Watch The Lamb#8

Watch The Lamb#9

Inspiration and Preservation of God’s Word
Series preached by Pastor Graber

Gods Holy Word #1

Gods Holy Word #2

Gods Holy Word #3

Gods Holy Word #4

Gods Holy Word #5

Gods Holy Word #6

Gods Holy Word #7

Gods Holy Word #8

Gods Holy Word #9

Gods Holy Word #10

Gods Holy Word #11

Gods Holy Word #12

Other Messages by Pastor Graber

Death Has Died

Tearing the Vail

The Gospel in the O. T.

The Lordship of Christ#1

The Lordship of Christ#2

Two Very Different “Ends”

Depart From Me

Believing More than Devils

Special Meetings with Mike Channell
March 24-27, 2011

Examine Yourselves

Being Confident

True Confession

Bro Mike’s Testimony

Gods Way

Our Need to Humble and Turn

Special Meetings with Mark Clark Sr
March 26-28, 2010

The Holy Spirit

Where Are You Camping

Personal Testimony

What God Did For Jacob

The Victorious Life

Fall Conference – October 10, 2009
“We See Jesus” in the Bible

Christ as Prophet – Mark ClarkJr

Christ as Priest – Mike Channell

Christ as King – Bill Brooks

Christ as LORD – J R Bourn

Fall Conference – October 9, 2010
“We See Jesus” in Typology

Joseph – Ryan Austin

Boaz – Mark ClarkJr

The Rock – J R Bourn

The Brazen Serpent – Randy Titus

Special Meetings with Forrest Keener
at GBC of Fairborn, OH

God’s Pure Grace

The New Birth

Space To Repent

Do You Stumble at the Stumblingstone

A Camel Through A Needles Eye

Valley of Dry Bones

* Below are rare audio messages from preachers during
the 60’s  – 70’s  – 80’s.  For more messages,
call Pastor Graber at 231-970-1841.

Speaker: Rolfe Barnard

Why Christ Died and Rose Again

Sovereign Mercy

The Meaning of Baptism

The Narrow Way

Speaker:  B. B. Caldwell

The Gospel

True Justification

Halted Between Two Opinions

The Power of Pentecost

Speaker: Eugene Clark

Shall We Grow at Any Cost

My Church

God’s Terms of Praying

The Only Man Made Thing In Heaven

Speaker: Milburn Cockrell

Christ, Forsaken of God

The Borrowed Axe

The Absolute Sovereignty of God

Speaker: Bill DeRossitt

Will you be His Disciple

Have we Left our First Love

Do we Hunger for God

Speaker: Harold Harvey

The Lord Knoweth them that are His

That Where I Am

Spiritual Blessings

Seek and Save

Speaker: Wilbur Johnson

Christ Died for the Ungodly

Effectual Calling of the Lord

Importance of the Bare Gospel

Speaker: Buell Kazee

The Demand of Discipleship

The World in the Church

The Church in the World

Speaker: Paul R. Kirkman

Laboring in Vain

Sovereign Election

The Lord’s Church

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